Zte zmax pro vs lg stylo 3 plus

Only the Skull Flowers Case for LG Zone 3 will keep your LG Zone 3 VSPP looking brand new at 5.dacal.info 5.dacal.info: ZTE Blade Z Max user opinions and reviews. If you’re looking for a big-screened smartphone on a budget, you may want to check out the LG Stylo 3 Plus. Available now on T-Mobile’s network, the Stylo 3 Plus.

ZTE Zmax Pro vs LG Stylo 2 Plus what device is best for you?

Agreed Dennis, not trying to sound entitled but there are so many deals out there that a plus sim card ranks near the bottom, IMHO! Yeswap March 27, at 1: KatrinaRadia October 25, at zte maven 2 z831 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active If you love the Samsung Galaxy S4 but need a water and dust resistant smartphone that can survive poolside stylo and an accident with cocoa powder when baking, the Galaxy S4 Active is your phone. Do it, and copy and paste the Zmax Chat to a Word Doc. When you change Tracfones your balance and expiration date is supposed pro transfer over. Hi, I have an unlocked Galaxy 2 from T-Mobile.
Only the Skull Flowers Case for LG Zone 3 will keep your LG Zone 3 VSPP looking brand new at 5.dacal.info 5.dacal.info: ZTE Blade Z Max user opinions and reviews. If you’re looking for a big-screened smartphone on a budget, you may want to check out the LG Stylo 3 Plus. Available now on T-Mobile’s network, the Stylo 3 Plus.

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Welcome to the latest edition of Prepaid Phone News' Prepaid Phones on Sale this Week feature. Here are the best current deals on prepaid and unlocked phones that I.
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The only touch screen Straight Talk phone that runs on Verizon is the LG C. It's been discontinued but you might still be able to find one.
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Welcome to the latest edition of Prepaid Phone News' Prepaid Phones on Sale this Week feature. Here are the best current deals on prepaid and unlocked phones that I.
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The only touch screen Straight Talk phone that runs on Verizon is the LG C. It's been discontinued but you might still be able to find one.
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Only the Skull Flowers Case for LG Zone 3 will keep your LG Zone 3 VSPP looking brand new at 5.dacal.info
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5.dacal.info: ZTE Blade Z Max user opinions and reviews.

Zmax stylo 3 pro vs plus zte lg the hell

Yeswap May 7, at She gave me a supervisor. Yeswap June 10, at Samsung Galaxy Mega 6. PCMag has an article about this…apparently people were trying to remove the batteries. Does this phone support it or are the bands disabled?

I am very please with it. Wondering if you put a 32 Gig. Can it be used as an internal card and can you transfer apps on the memory card. It says quick charge 2. Christopher lee, 28 Sep i bought the new ZTE Blade Max on metro pcs less than 7 days ago , i very surprise of so fast Yes it has fast charging.

Great phone especially for the price. Fabulous replacement for note 4. What phones are lighter, have a bigger battery, or bigger screen? Apple guys always us the same adjectives, amazing and incredible. Lemings, 27 Aug Anyone know when this is actually getting released?

I use a different zip since straightalk wont sell in my market. Thought I would try the Verizon network to see if I got better service, but after activating it in the big city and updating it for roaming, I still get nothing.

Any ideas, or fixes? Also, any idea on how to get my old phone back? Use the Verizon prepaid coverage map to verify that. I just received my tracfone lgG. It came with a t mobile sims number. Each SIM is locked to the phone it came with.

You have call TracFone. Hi, thanks for the helpful info. Will this Att compatible SIM work for my phone? Another way to tell the carrier on most Tracfones is to visit www. The big four carriers all participate, but a few regionals used by Tracfone do not.

I confirmed with ST chat rep that it was Sprint, but anyone know why this one shows it works fine in this zip where others did not? I got all excited when it came up.. I check every now and then for my zip with these 3 providers.

I am switching from a Samsung Blackjack i to LGg. I am petrified I will loose all my contacts. The LG G can import contacts as vCard files. So you could sync the Blackjack with Outlook and export the cotacts as VCards.

Thank you for your reply. I have a Cingular Blackjack i and did not find the sync cable you refer to on Amazon. Sorry to trouble you but would appreciate some help. In my previous comment the words "amazon. You will also need the Active Sync software which is on the CD that came with the phone or you can download it from www.

Once again thank you for babysitting my issues with the Blackjack i Which do I choose? A better way to transfer your contacts on a sim card is to get a sim card reader. They will come with software or a link to download to your computer.

They are cheap and connect to your computer with a USB connection. It reads your contacts from your old sim card, then put your new sim card in and transfer your contacts. Thanks in advance for any help.

I just want to say a huge Thank You for all of your information! I had a LGG and was on the T-mobile network. Horrid coverage, I would get 5 miles from my house and would have no signal. After finding your page I put a call into tracfone and requested a new sim card, I had to move up the food chain 3 times before I was granted my request.

They actually sent me a new phone LGC, so now I am on verizon. Which I know covers all of my area. Again, Thank you so very much!!!! Live outside Orlando 30 miles - kind of rural. Outside bars are , in - many dropped calls last month os so.

I Hate to call Tracfone - using minutes and expected hassle - but I would love to switch to Verizon network, which is strong here - any have tips re this. Tracfone seems pretty willing to send free replacement Verizon phones to customers with service issues.

Or buy one of the Tracfone models that runs on Verizon. You can transfer your number and minutes to it online or by calling Tracfone. Yeswap, My cell phone is a Samsung Alltel. The past week it has stopped allowing me to touch the screen to get to menu or contacts or anything.

This started a couple of months ago when I would text and the letters typed would be the letters above or below the letter I wanted to use. Is this touchscreen "Samsung Altel" a Tracfone? What model is that?

It sounds like the screen digitizer is going bad. If your phone has a "calibrate screen" menu option not common , re-calibrating the screen might help. Otherwise you need to replace the phone. If the phone is less than a year old, Tracfone will replace it under under warranty.

Really insightful info and so well explained even a computer novice like me can follow. I think the Samsung TG looks like a good idea, but thanks to your helpful site I would like to move to Verizon and the Samsung RC would accomplish this.

The Samsungs both seem identical to me any thoughts? I did hear you cant make a long text, you have to send it one small bit at a time? Thanks for all your information: When you change Tracfones your balance and expiration date is supposed to transfer over.

A live person spoke with me and was very helpful. Before I used this number I dialed two different numbers and received recordings. Thank you for posting this information. I actually just entered both or codes on the Tracfone site and the phone choices are very poor, none of which are the Samsung phones.

It looks like the RC is out of stock on Tracfone. Thank you so much. Looked on your map and Verizon covers the entire area. Thanks for all your help!!! Probably too late now, but you can transfer contacts via bluetooth into the lgc or lgg no problem, no need for cables or card readers.

Assuming the blackberry has bluetooth They will not work in Jordan. Could you Please suggest to me which types of selphones that can work in Jordan ? Is there another APP that I can get that will let me view Streaming video of other formats requiring a flash player?

The Skyfire Browser can play Flash videos on any Android phone. I like the LGc much better for texting. So far the Verizon network has been fine in Boise but the lack of signal strength concerns me. Different phones report the same signal strength differently.

All that really matters is whether you can make and receive calls and texts where you use the phone. You should get a commission for all the useful help you provide. I actually spoke to India, Malaysia, Singapore?

I had heard rumor this was all possible, but until I found your site even Tracfone denied being able to do this. Our local walmart says they will soon have a straight talk smart phone that runs off verizon is this true?

We live in the mountains of NC and verizon works very well but nothing else comes close. Sir, Thinking of getting the Samsung Proclaim. I currently have a verizon number out of Florida, but am living in Illinois.

Do you know if I will be able to switch the number to ST? Also, will I honestly be able to use this phone anywhere when traveling? This will be my first "smartphone" and travel often by car and I need a phone that will at least be working to make calls anywhere.

No cell phone works everywhere. The Proclaim will work everywhere Verizon has native coverage. You can check coverage using the Verizon prepaid map. The Proclaim will work in the purple areas on the map but not in the gray prepaid roaming areas.

A Verizon phone would work in both purple and gray areas. When I downloaded it all it would do is route me back to Adobe Flash to down load. I tried several times different ways and never was able to get it to play video that ask for Adobe Flash.

You need to click the video icon in the Skyfire toolbar at the bottom the screen to watch the video. Skyfire supports most Flash videos. For more information see Skyfire Support. I have a LGg All I have to do is call straight talk and give them another zip code?

Generally all you have to do is tell them that you have poor or no reception at home or work and that Verizon or T-Mobile works great at your location. I tried using the icon you mentioned and it just took me to the Adobe Flash Player 11 which does not work on this phone.

I tried all the icons I could find and either they did not do anything or took me to Adobe Flash. Did not even try to open any videos. If you are clicking the video icon that pops up in the bottom toolbar when Skyfire detects a video, and it takes you to the Adobe Flash player download site something is broken.

I suggest you report the problem on the Skyfire Support Site. Waoh u really provide great info. Actually answered most of My questions. I recently moved to ohio and have very poor service. I have a net 10 optomus lg.

I still have not called net 10 to change my service area or zip code. Could that have something to do with my poor service? Thank u for ur time and effort. It sounds like Sprint has poor coverage in your area. The only solution is to switch to a different phone that uses a network that has good coverage in your area.

How does it compare to the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim? I know they are both Verizon.. The Proclaim has a faster processor and a bigger screen and is thinner and lighter. Camera and build quality are about equal.

Do you have an opinion as to which type of phone smart vs. Thank you very much for your time! Also, I checked out Straight Talks coverage area for Android vs. Is there a reason why the Android one is so spotty?

Is it like that because there are currently only two Androids available through Verizon towers? Or are the Androids just really bad at getting reception in general? Thank you again for your help! The "Android" map shows the Sprint coverage.

Smartphones typically require daily charging and their batteries tend to have lose considerable capacity after only two years. My lgg from Tracfone will not stay connected to Bluetooth hands free calling built into my car.

It connects and then disconnects about every 30 secs. I have paired it numerous times, with device visibility hidden and visible for 3 min. Auto lock is set to "never" Any help would be appreciated. Incompatibility between hands free systems and specific phones seems to be a pretty common problem.

If possible try moving the phone to a different location in the car. I just need the basic phone that we can us when camping. Our area code is but camp in Will verizon work in these areas and what type of phone do you suggest.

We are both retired and just need the basic phone. Thank you and great forum. Next best is the Verizon coverage map which shows solid coverage in both and Based on the specs at https: What are the downsides?

Tracfone and Net10 phones can not be used on Straight Talk. I was thinking of buying and tranfering it to straight talk. You could port your Straight Talk number to Net 10 and use the Merit. With Net10 you can buy refills tax free at CallingMart.

You can use the credits on your next purchase. Does Tracfone still sell phones on the Verizon network? A couple that still work are , Can I switch this phone an remaining minutes to the Net plan? Will they accept this phone?

AND transfer the service plan that I purchased? If you return the phone first you plan will be immediately cancelled and you will likely use your number too. It worked great for a week but after that, it kept loosing connection to the 3G signal.

When I got a Straight Talk representative on the phone, it was like talking to a wall - maybe because she has limited English comprehension skills? Anyway, she was no help. I currently have a Verizon phone and it works just fine but I wanted to switch to a more affordable plan.

Appreciate your opinion as you sound very knowledgeable about this. That sounds like a bad phone. For better Straight Talk customer support call the "Executive Resolutions" number at , Monday — Friday from 8: Hi, I wanted to add that the Proclaim phone has signal bars, and I even have wireless signal switched on.

Again, the 3G Mobile Network connection keeps on switching off so whenever I want to check email or internet, it says it is not connected. MY question is about adding minutes from a Tracfone Card. I usually buy 60 min.

I goes through fast that way. However, I have no signal for my new Samsung g here at my house recently bought, so I was wondering if I buy a card to add mins to it, and use the computer online service to add mins Thanks alot for the help.

The minutes are stored on the phone so it might work. Adding the minutes online should definitively work. When the phone moves into GSM service area it should "call home" and update the Prepaid Apps "minutes tank".

I read about someone looking for CDMA phone zipcodes to use to activate their phones. I am in one myself here in Alabama Both should work for CDMA. Hope that helps someone. Can you tell me how to update a GSM phone to towers.

Which towers you are to allowed connect to and which ones are roaming is handled at the network level rather than by the phone. I am really confused. I just bought this LG c tracfone and want to activate it. I charged it up, and the date and time are exactly right already.

Also, it shows a signal of 1 bar. Can I obtain a signal without actually activating it first? How is the time and date set correct already? An inactive phone can show a signal and retrieve the current date from the network.

I really like this LG c I just activated and transfered my mins. The only thing I am not sure of, is the battery on the screen. It shows multi colors, and I was wondering how to judge when the battery needs charging?

The manual that comes with it tells me nothing about those icons up there? What do you think, especially about the battery icon? As the battery discharges the number of bars shown in the battery icon will decrease.

I am very interested in the samsung g since I need the keyboard to text. Using your guide, it tells me that this phone uses ATT. Thank you very much in advance. By the way, Im on cricket right now.

I went around my area. Good coverage outside but the signal bars drop drastically when I enter a building. Another question to ask. Is it ok to buy a reconditioned samsung g or should I go with the brand new one?

Thank you very much!!!! Just used the zipcode and the same samsung phone came up. Should I continue to order with this zip and change the mailing zip at the end or do I go back to my original zip and buy it off that webpage.

I just noticed something. If you click on the reconditioned phone, under the single rate it says: Call nationally, internationally or roam at local call rates Enjoy 90 days of uninterrupted wireless service 60 anytime anywhere minutes But on the brand new one, it only says: Call nationally, internationally or roam at local call rates.

By the way, really thanks for helping out. Continue with the order you started with zip and change to the correct zip code on the shipping address page only. Any Tracfone top up card including the one year ones can be used with any Tracfone.

Yeswap, thank you very very much. I appreciate your wonderful article and your quick responses. I"ll be sure to send people here when they ask about tracfone. In looking at the two phones side by side, the RC has bars, and the LGC usually has bars in my home.

I prefer the LGC because I had a smartphone in the past and loved the touch screen, but am a little concerned about purchasing it because it seems to have less bars. Is it because of the touch screen? Would appreciate any help you can give.

Different phones display a different number of bars for the same level of reception. Thanks for your quick input. The other reason I liked the LG better is because the alphabet and numbers on the pull out keyboard seem to be placed similar to a regular keyboard as opposed to those on the Rthe numbers are placed in a different spot on the keyboard which slows me down.

The phone activated with no problem. It takes about 2 or 3 minutes to load a page. Do you know of some settings that I may have missed that would cause this? Call Net10 at This phone is really nice on the Net10 network.

Great signal and really fast data. Thank you so much! I have a trac phone loaded with more minutes than I can use. I am considering getting an iPhone 4. Do you know if Incan transfer my minutes to an iPhone? The best thing you can do is to donate the excess funds to charity using SMS.

However, it could be roaming, check for a triangle roaming indicator in the top status bar. To determine what network you are roaming on, try dialing and see whose customer support answers.

I am leaning toward the Precedent because of the screen size useful for streaming vids on the unlimited data plan. This is an Android phone, so Sprint will the the home network, correct? The Sprint coverage map shows very little coverage for my area and mostly "off network roaming".

Does this mean that the Precedent will only have coverage in the dark green coverage areas and not in the lighter green "off network roaming"? If so, traveling even miles would put me out of coverage. The Precedent does use Sprint and there is no roaming so yes you would only have coverage in the Sprint native coverage dark green areas.

All other Straight Talk Android phone use Sprint. I would have been very disappointed with sprint service. I wonder if Tracfone made a mistake or if they changed the way the system works. Hi, I get different answers about porting my tracfone number to iPhone 5.

Can I do it? This comment has been removed by the author. Can you give me a heads up about coverage on that route? I would like to get a Net 10 Android phone. I work a lot in an area where Verizon is the only cell service that works.

But I also work quite a lot in areas where Verizon service is veryu spotty and poor while TMobile and Sprint are strong. I have a question, Is it possible to block text messaging on my tracfone? Can tracfone do that for me?

Hey thanks for putting this up. I wanted to upgrade to a smartphone, and considering that the Samsung Galaxy S II from Straighttalk was the best option on the prepaid market I decided to go with it, I was just worried that it might be a Sprint based phone, which for me at college and back home I get horrible service from.

You have a great blog. Thanks for you hard work. I want to purchase a new Iphone 5 when it becomes available unlocked. I live in the area code. What would you recommend for a prepaid carrier that would work for me?

Am I able to purchase a sim only or would I be better off purchasing a pre-paid phone through that carrier and popping that sim into the new Iphone? Also, if I were to purchase a Verizon Iphone 5 without a contract would I be able to get Verizon service somehow on a prepaid?

Straight Talk is the most cost-effective choice. If I could find an auto mechanic as meticulous and honest as you - thank you for your info. Any info on how minute costly it would be to peruse my email hotmail, about 40 per day?

Will this be on 2G? Any "average" number of use minutes to expect? Can I look up a Newegg site for example in 10 munutes or less? I assume this is possible with the SG - any info or experiences out there would be appreciated.

The Newegg site is well optimized or mobile browsers, figure a half a unit to load each page of the site. I recommend installing Opera Mini 7 from m. For best results use the version signed by Verisign. You might also like PicoMail from http: I recomend you install PicoMail a free email client that supports Hotmail.

What would be a area code to use that would ensure I get that provider? Thanks for the valuable information you provide in this forum. A couple that still work are , ". I live in which only offers GSM Tracphones.

My guys have Tracphones which all have terrible coverage in our home. If I purchase Tracphones with one of the above zip codes for CDMA I assume I would get Verizon coverage , when I order, do you know if I can carry over our current phone numbers which would have area codes?

Would appreciate any info you can provide. If so, how do I do this? Thanks for the quick reply!

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Read Many of the Reviews and you will find the Same Story. Call, speak to the most friendly, and the Single Most Uninformed people on the planet. If you read all the details of a phone or all the details of a calling plan, or Data plan, You will know more than any of the people on the phone.

Call for help and you say, but I was told ". You got No Evidence. Now I go on line and Chat about a specific service or plan. I get them to put it in writing, I question what I understand, then I copy and paste the chat to a Word Doc then I can refer back any time.

At the top of the chat you can have the chat E-Mailed to an E-mail address. Do it, and copy and paste the E-mail Chat to a Word Doc. Even when you get it in writing Management will apologize and be sorry then the Verizon person on the chat misinformed you.

When you have a problem to fix, go on line to a chat, and ask the person who comes on the chat if a "Supervisor" is available, because I only want to go over this once. Keep asking till you are transferred to a Supervisor.

Copy and Paste what you were told and ask "Why" was I not given what I was promised? When you are ask to review the contact, Write the most negative review you can think of. Detail every promise by quoting what you were told.

Sometimes with a Negative Review you will get a call back from a Supervisor. No matter what they offer, Ask them to put it in writing and send you an E-mail, Documenting Specifically what the promised solution is.

The definition of Insane is: Verizon sucks Posted on: November 21st, by clfergy. Verizon has finally found a way to block the unlimited data users like me who used PdANet or Foxfi. Well, as you all may now know, you can no longer have unlimited data hotspots without paying additional for to make your phone a hotspot.

You can still tether inconvenient I know but go ahead and tether, then go to http: It will jack up the data usage and Verizon will still have to dole out tons of bandwidth. To hell with Verizon. October 26th, by kjean.

Seriously just needed a new phone. After leaving in tears, I order one online only for my shipping address to be wrong. Have contacted so many representatives who want me to CALL a number- I have told them my phone does not work but they still insist I call.

Have been awful to work with and will definitely cancel my service over such a simple problem that they cannot seem to fix. August 26th, by cpatch. First off if I could put negative stars I definitely would. We were looking to add my phone knowing if we did he would be taken off that plan so we wanted to do our research.

The rep at a Verizon store in Lancaster, PA, helped us out. He was great and seemed like a pro so we trusted him completely. After sitting on multiple phone calls with Verizon we were told to not pay the bill, by the director, until they completed an investigation and got back with us.

Well then we started receiving phone calls that our bill was past due and we were being charged, etc. Verizon is a nationwide company. If their representative that was sent to a month long training tells me that my bill is going to be something it better be that same price.

I am beyond pissed. Looking for a good unlocked phone to bring over to T-Mobile? See more Moto G5 Plus photos. The p display is vibrant and perfect for watching YouTube videos and surfing the web, and the big 3, mAh battery will help keep you going all day long.

Plus, with the Snapdragon processor coupled with GB of RAM, this thing can basically handle everything you throw at it. Android Authority newsletter The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse.

We hate spam just like you do and will never send you too much email, nor will we ever share your information with anyone. Best Verizon prepaid phones Best U. Cellular phones Without any further ado, here are the best T-Mobile prepaid Android phones.

Buy now from T-Mobile. Buy the Galaxy S7 from T-Mobile. Consumers must choose a network that covers their local area as much as possible. Undoubtedly, signal quality makes a difference, and a weak signal leads to dropped calls or slow data speeds.

A quality network is required when choosing an MVNO. Network coverage dictates MVNO options. Prices and features for plans are directly related to each other. Consumers need to choose an MVNO with plans that suit their needs.

However, they have to take price into consideration at the same time. Each consumer should choose an acceptable price range for themselves and which features they deem mandatory. Nothing beats finding the right plan at an affordable price.

In reality, small price differences can make a big difference annually. Extra features and the fine print matter, too. Therefore, consumers should compare MVNOs on these criteria to make the right choice. MVNOs are starting to offer free or low-cost international roaming in certain countries.

This extra benefit is something that certain segments of users deem vital. Otherwise, something like rollover data or bonus data can be the difference maker for consumers. To find the right MVNO, these companies must be compared and contrasted with each other.

Consumers can opt for an MVNO in order to save money or take advantage of extra benefits. Certain restrictions make them less valuable to certain consumers. MVNOs are generally a fantastic option for consumers, and total subscriber numbers for these companies reveal as much.

Shop with confidence knowing that Wirefly wants to help you find the best prices on cell phones, cell phone plans, TV, and Internet service. Data Select the amount of total data you need for the entire plan. Number of Lines - Any -.

Contract Length - Any -.

Some forums are indicating that we are very close. I will stay with this phone and consider myself one of the lucky ones for getting it before they took it off the shelves. I am a sales rep at T-Mo and i disagree with your assumption of it not selling, the ZMAX is one of the most sold phones in the store, when customers come in and cant afford the note 3 or 4 or the iphone 6 we always turn them to the zmax, the specs sheet on that phone vs the price is unreal, i suspect alcatel has something to do with this.

Consumers want a removable battery. The question is whether ZTE will listen, and give the people what they want — a removable battery. Does the Zmax give the impression that it has a removable battery or are people just that stupid.

I had one and it was good and priced wright I sold it only because it was on t mobile service stinks in my area. I arrived before UPS did when they got their shipment and they sold out of the Zmax within an hour.

Makes a world of difference. TBF, I thought it could hurt the sales of pricier flagship models. I bought the Zte Zamx when it first came out. So far this is the best bang for buck phone I ever used. I was told when I bought it that the battery was non removable , the only reason I ever removed the battery on any of my previous phones was when they froze up.

I have never had that problem with my zmax. Mine is up to 4. Is the there a build update? Right now at this very moment my phone is continuously vibrating for no apparent reason it. Just hold the power button until it restarts same has pulling the battery u might want to factory reset it also.

I had same issue. Well so sorry in hearing the bad news of having this ZTE Max phone discontinued. I personally owned two of them and have not had any issues with these phones. The phone has everything that I can ask for to serve my purpose and more.

I love the 5. Yes it may not have the specs of a higher name brand but this phone can take a punch and keep going. I gather that the lack of sales is do to various scenarios. I absolutely love it!!

I could see paying well over for this kind of quality… and oh so durable. I love my Zmax! Its small enough to tote powerful enough to do all my tasks, big enough display to make my tablet collect dust!!!

How much to upgrade with metro? Congrats, happy birthday, happy holiday, etc. I own a samsung note 2 and I got the zmax because it was cheap, and I could use another toy to play with. I was pleasantly surprised.

The screen quality is great, and it takes better low-right pictures than the note 2. Too bad the battery is non-removable otherwise I would buy more for spares. This is a phone done right. Just heard about this!

What happens to us who own one? Mostly in the last few days. Things that are on are not working right. The once bullet point very long batt life gone. Now for some reason it sucks it down. Even tho you stop having others from running last few days.

But people always do a double take on it. Want to hold it look at it. Long batt life ways a talking point once. Plus the little things. Not much volume control. Once it chirps thru earbus you go deaf. Camera sucks no matter what you read about it.

That and others are now going from little to big problems. I miss my Samsung line of cells. A little dirty getting a Galaxy Note. The problem is the port is faulty and ZTE is not offering to repair them.

Instead, T Mobile is swapping out the phones for a new one but the new one is also having the same problem, bad port. The real question here is if these units were supposedly recalling April , why did they continue to sell them in June ?

T Mobile should offer to replace this phone with a comparable phone that is equivalent in memory, not mfg price. So far, I have yet to see them even acknowledge that they sold me a product while its corporate office had supposedly pulled from the shelves.

I cannot afford to pay for service through T-mobile. I have a Zte zmax and nothing but problems with it. Called metro they refresh it for me. Bit it only works when it wants. Everyday I miss texts and they send 30 texts all at once from previous days seed texts.

I want my money back. I have one that I bought from Walmart for For 35 dollars a month. I had to replace mine because it would not power on. I had had the phone maybe six months. Now, it freezes all of the time and I can not download anything at all.

I love it to play my games on but it really upsets me that I have to go days without being able to use it. My children or their schools could not get in touch with me. Iv had mine under a year.

The most recent software update fried mine. Upon taking it to a tmobile store they directed me to tech support at zte… They themselves told me to remove the back and battery when i told them this devise has a non-removable back their reply was oh-yea!

Send your phone in insure it we will repair it etc… Their website says they mailed it back but provided no tracking number or carier information ZTE was my new favorite… Due to this experience i will never buy there products again and ill advise you all the same zte are and pathetic company and i cant wait till the class action lawsuit begins!

My lg had a virus and I not a computer person I took it to metro and was told flat out they could not get rid of the virus that I had to buy a new phone are you serious was my comment needless to say sold me this piece of crap then I get home later that night it Dawn on me there has to be app to fix that sure enough so yes lets get the lawsuits going.

T-Mobile doesnt even offer the FW on the webpage for the device, I had to look all over for it. I love this phone. I hope they bring the sales back. But the amount of data this baby can store?

It just blows my mind!!! The official lifespan of this phone is about a year and a half. My phone had no problems from about Christmas until about a month ago. My Zmax was purchased when they first came out in like others here.

It is now July and the only problem I had was recent.. It was stolen and fortunately, it was insured. It should arrive any day now. It is a very solid product, easy to read, easy to use. Man, I was planning to get one too.

Or Ebay I suppose, but no free financing. In Texas, MetroPcs stores would sell out of the Zmax in 24 hours when any were in stock. I suspect there is a software issue, not a sales issue. Is it a band 12 thing, perhaps? Maybe the zmax is launching.

Still available on tmobile. I agree with you. Where are these phones manufactured? The day will come , soon! Its a nice device. A coworker has one and loves it. I was considering one as a backup.

Or lg2 better specs same price. You pay the cost and nothing extra. So your post has nothing to do with the ZMax. Thanks for stopping by…. I love my Zmax. It is a great phone. I was very disappointed they stopped selling the z3.

Was gonna get one. Lol who are you? This seemed like a great value phone. I also think that the phone was priced too low.. U owned a tmobile store or metro pcs store since ???? Love the phone no complaints had it since Nov.

No Commies made phones for me. One of the most ignorant comments I read on internet today. Yet you drive a car ran by oil, owned by brutal dictators. I own a dog. If you worry about China spying on us you should worry about the NSA.

I have a ZTE zmax it started to melt on the sides. I have one for four no tus already and I love it. Donald Trump must own ZTE: I was happy with mine. Or the battery life, or the 8MP camera. PCMag has an article about this…apparently people were trying to remove the batteries.

Sorry but its true. If not, shut up. I agree with it being low quality. The company forwent a plastic design and instead included glass front and back panels with an aluminum frame. Now the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have made their way to the masses, and they fix many of the problems the S6 line introduced last year.

In terms of specs, these are top-of-the-line smartphones. Instead of featuring the same screen sizes this time around though, Samsung kept the S7 at a smaller 5. Seriously, these are some incredible smartphones. They are a little pricey, but all in all, we think the high asking price is worth it.

Plus, it also comes with an embedded stylus, which certainly comes in handy when taking notes and playing games. Before jumping in, there are a few things worth mentioning. And secondly, there are still some sub-par qualities with it — such as the inaccuracies with the display and over-sharpening effect with its cameras.

Looking for a good unlocked phone to bring over to T-Mobile? See more Moto G5 Plus photos. The p display is vibrant and perfect for watching YouTube videos and surfing the web, and the big 3, mAh battery will help keep you going all day long.

Plus, with the Snapdragon processor coupled with GB of RAM, this thing can basically handle everything you throw at it. Android Authority newsletter The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse. We hate spam just like you do and will never send you too much email, nor will we ever share your information with anyone.

3 zte plus zmax stylo vs pro lg Call Duty immersion

It has a 12MP camera that takes photos and videos that are nearly indistinguishable from the 16MP GS5 and it has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. I wish I could switch back!! For your money so to speak you get a smartphone running Android 4. The rear camera supports 8 megapixels of resolution as well as a movie recording quality of p. The Priv is a 5. It features a 3.

The phone has 16 gigs just go out of Netflix our hearts and respect. Nox App Player for PC the terms of the Acer multi tasking capabilities can be the ethernet connection, so issue.

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