Zte zmax pro pros and cons

Jan 10,  · Pros. Relatively affordable. Attractive build. Expandable storage, removable battery, and NFC. Cons. Dated processor. Mediocre camera. Heavy UI layer. May 02,  · Pros. Inexpensive. Crisp display. Current Android software. Expandable storage. Good network performance. Cons. Outdated processor. Mediocre battery life. The LG Stylo 3 offers more bang for the buck than most smartphones in the same price range. First off, the handset runs Android Nougat right out of the box. Also.

ZTE ZMax Pro revisit in 2017! Still Worth it?

Anyone on Jump 1 can. ZTE has long been known as a purveyor of inexpensive devices—you might even call them cheap. A still image could be funny, but a dynamic image makes it even more interesting. By Emily WatsonTunesday, Feb. As players are enjoying the game, they want to capture their gamplay sometimes.
Jan 10,  · Pros. Relatively affordable. Attractive build. Expandable storage, removable battery, and NFC. Cons. Dated processor. Mediocre camera. Heavy UI layer. May 02,  · Pros. Inexpensive. Crisp display. Current Android software. Expandable storage. Good network performance. Cons. Outdated processor. Mediocre battery life. The LG Stylo 3 offers more bang for the buck than most smartphones in the same price range. First off, the handset runs Android Nougat right out of the box. Also.

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Read iOS and Android solutions in this page. You can fast deal with problems of your smartphone. Best troubleshooting tools are also listed.
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ZTE has long been known as a purveyor of inexpensive devices—you might even call them cheap. Many phones manufactured by ZTE in past years didn't eve by Ryan.
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Jan 10,  · Pros. Relatively affordable. Attractive build. Expandable storage, removable battery, and NFC. Cons. Dated processor. Mediocre camera. Heavy UI layer.
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May 02,  · Pros. Inexpensive. Crisp display. Current Android software. Expandable storage. Good network performance. Cons. Outdated processor. Mediocre battery life.
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May 02,  · Pros. Inexpensive. Crisp display. Current Android software. Expandable storage. Good network performance. Cons. Outdated processor. Mediocre battery life.
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Read iOS and Android solutions in this page. You can fast deal with problems of your smartphone. Best troubleshooting tools are also listed.
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The sound from both speakers AND headphones is short of phenomenal but you DO have to use upscale phones, like mine Sehnheiser at least. How do I fix my Galaxy with black screen? By Carrie Murray , Monday, October 03, I wish it had stock software like the ZTE zmax pro! By Carrie Murray , Friday, June 02,

Dude, even cheap Samsung phones have backlighting! They probably saved less than one penny. Just buy a real Nexus 6p instead of this cheap imposter. Who the hell is ZTE anyway? Just more TracFone garbage. Nobody actually buys ZTE anyway.

ZTE started out in the phone industry making inexpensive phones for phone carriers, not flagship killers. Sound like a professional company to you? Well, I do like a good company, run by intelligent people with good customer service and excellent warranty.

Which none of that applies to Oneplus, at all. Cory sucks a lot, look at his picture! I crossed paths with him a while back. He abused me for no reason so I abused him back, but gave him 10x the shit in return.

He ran crying to the moderators like a little girl and got me banned hahah. And now he refuses to speak to me. What a complete pussy! Ahh well, hopefully he will sort out his mental problems and start piecing his life back together slowly.

Also, now that SafetyNet can be used by third parties too, expect more stuff to break on unofficial firmwares. So yes, while you could fix some of the issues, it would still be an incomplete package.

The OP may be an exception. I am only going to use Android Pay myself when it works from Android Wear, i. There are several non-Nexus devices with stable ROMs. Then there are other devices such as Sony where custom ROMs run well.

It is also a possibility to make debloated and modified stock ROMs. Not even a Nexus cut it in such a state. The fact remains, though: A developer friendly device can be brought a long way so it is perfectly fine to point out that it runs well with a custom ROM.

If there is a defect from the manufacturing process, there is a legal coverage statutory warranty as opposed to voluntary warranty in several markets. Unlocking your device and installing your own software might cause the device to stop working, disable important features and functionality, and even make the device unsafe to the point of causing you harm.

Neither Motorola, nor your wireless carrier or retailer from whom you purchased the device, will be responsible for such damage, so please do not unlock or load any software unless you know what you are doing.

It might just be the ROM developers making it unstable because there are stable ones for manufacturers who distribute the blobs. If you read the post again, I said that OP may be the exception. They buy a phone first, and then complain in forums that "4G does not work", or "has low speed".

You want LTE band 7 and 17? You want cat9 vs cat6? Just admit it, you did this review just to negatively criticize the Axon 7. You are a Oneplus fanboy, regardless of the tremendously bad decisions from Oneplus.

A company that has only been in business since December , with no history of making phones at all. Which makes OnePlus look bad imho, as it turns out to be not the innovative developer-friendly startup, like OP wants to be perceived by the world, but rather a sub-brand of OPPO, trying to diversify its sales.

Actually, I think OP is their designated "experiment with the US market" brand but yeah, they did market themselves as a scrappy little business unit. Of course I know that, you assume wrong as usual. He seems to have some mental issues.

Youll get used to him being an asshole. Saying Oneplus is shit, and being a ZTE fanboy yourself yet criticising people who like Oneplus for being fanboys? This review was just done to criticize ZTE? Anybody that does is either stupid, or being paid to say bad things about your beloved ZTE, according to you.

Your brain must be the size of a pea you silly little troll. Truth be told when I read the review I kinda saw the same thing. This review does stand out like he does have a vendetta against the A7 as opposed to the OP3, which by a few measures is an inferior phone.

The kernel source has already been released. We are discussing the pros and cons of the ZTE Axon 7. Why would you reply two months later to a comment with a statement that is totally incorrect? It can be unlocked on the Google store versions but not the Verzion version at least not without a hack but it does void the warranty in both cases.

Was all set to buy the pixel until I learned of 11 month device support and massive price increases. Now you are saying the bootloader can be unlocked? As for the new Pixel splinter of Android, we have no idea what the future holds.

Further Android feature development such as assistant were discontinued on the 6P after only 11 months and it is now receiving essentially just security updates and bug fixes. It carried the same 2 year promise as the pixel.

As long as one is able flash their Nexus phone back to stock and lock the bootloader one can get warranty service which has been case as far as I can remember. Nothing has changed with the Pixel phones unless you can provide a source.

The Google assistant has never been a feature of the 6P??? The Nexus 6P will be getting two years of software updates just like the Pixel phones. Yes, no one can predict the future but you are just making stuff up. I can do that to Google is probably going to discontinue the Pixel next month and announce they will use Windows Mobile on the Pixel 2 in a partnership with Microsoft.

ZTE going out of business has abetter chance of happening than what you are saying. Modding your phone has always voided the warranty. If you can return it all to stock and relock it, sure, but the problem is obviously not too bad.

Assistant, Pixel launcher and other software features are exclusive to the Pixel. Pixel is not Nexus, it is a first generation phone. Nexus was supposed to be the best of Android, but Pixel branches off and creates new features which are not given to the 11 month old Nexus 6P.

The conversation was about the fact that you can unlock the bootloader on the Axon 7 but it voids the warranty. The exact same is true on the Pixel. YOU said that you can unlock Google phones without voiding the warranty, which is not true.

I clarified my point in a later post. You have trolled me before YOU start a conversation by saying something that is totally wrong and was NOT about warranties and you know it which causes me to reply and than you go all over place making irrelevant points.

Sure, any thing could happen in the future but Google has a past record that is really good. Are you even familiar with ZTE past support record on their phones at all? Now you are talking about resale value? No one knows the resale value of ANY phone.

Ask a Note 7 owner It sounds like ZTE are listening very closely to the community, I figure most of the complaints, especially the lock screen, will be fixed in a software patch sooner than later. I was hopeful that something would change but after all these years the fact still remains that OEMs are a stubborn bunch and they care less about the usability of the products than promoting useless "features" to stand out and sell more, so dubious decisions will always be made.

I can almost guarantee the notification bell will be optional in the next patch. LG V10 is a solid phone. I would get the OnePlus 3 if it had micro-sd support. But it appears Axon 7 sucks in its own ways to.

Nexus 6P is in those with bad hardware. Display and camera are disappointment compared to other flagships. I always thought that display on the Nexus 6P was pretty good once you enabled sRGB mode, except for of course, brightness which comes in at nits.

For the price the camera and the screen is good. Or for those who want to use it outside of the United States. Sorry, but their hardware is not great since they limited the LTE bands. You would have thought after the last release and the complaints that followed they would have put in more bands Interesting that the official AndroidPolice review says the display on the Axon 7 is brighter than the OP3 when other sites have found the opposite to be true.

What were you using to measure brightness? Furthermore, other sites using standardized benchmarks found the OP3 to last slightly longer than the ZTE Axon 7 despite the slightly larger battery and dimmer display on the Axon 7.

TomsGuide is the only reviewer i read about the Axon 7 saying it was dimmer than the OP3. My bet is they got a "bad" screen out of the lot This review certainly reads like it was written by someone who has a bias towards the OP3.

Most of the apps on the phone are stock Android apps. There are only a handful maybe 4 that are aftermarket apps that ZTE put in. Big f cking deal. Reviewer made it sound like it had Samsung levels of bloatware.

This review was overwhelmingly bad, where just about every other review had very positive thoughts on the phone. He is exceptionally bias and if he had his way all manufactures devices would not exist except for nexuses because google is God and every google implementation and decision is perfect and how dare manufacturers or you question google!

Are we reading the same review? For the 1st paragraph. Agreed, but that is not what this review is. See above reply to Ryan if interested. For 2nd paragraph, probably a misconstruation of the following paragraph from the article: At the same time, features that I do want like lock screen notifications and Do Not Disturb mode are made less accessible.

Yeah, that, and just the seemingly unwarranted incessant bitching about how bloated the phone is with apps went hand in hand. Do you think that just maybe, that could be it? If I were an international traveler Spoiler: More LTE in more bars in more places.

You lead out with "looks good on paper" which immediately show prejudice against the Axon 7. No one that actually used the Axon 7 would pick the OP3 over it. You use silly nit-picking claims about "bloatware", knowing they can be uninstalled or disabled.

Oxygen OS has so many frickin problems right at release, they are weekly trying to fix it, but fail. This is the very worst biased review of the Axon 7 yet. It immediately shows prejudice because it exists. Because he used the phone extensively and found it lacking.

Trying to call out negative language at the beginning of a negative review is absolutely bonkers stupid. He never gave it a chance, automatically hated it. His last sentence says that. You do know what maroon means, right?

Maybe focus your righteous anger on something actually deserving? What kind of English is that you dumb fuck, Chuck? Spend some time learning to speak English properly instead of having sex with your Axon 7 you stupid cunt.

You obviously have no clue at all about smartphones then do you, you stupid twat? Anybody that has any knowledge of smartphones knows that even if a device has decent specs looks good on paper , the reality can be quite different.

The build quality could be crap, the software could be crap etc. Saying a phone looks good on paper means exactly that - the specs look good. It is only part of the story when it comes to finding whether a phone is good or not.

By the same token, why would you automatically expect him to LIKE a phone, just because of the specs it has and fuck everything else? This is supposed to be a device review, not a device comparison article. In the OP3 review, you did the same literally 15 times by my count but using the OP2 as a comparison.

That makes sense, the damn phones are related to each other; one is even meant to be the successor of the other. This one, you just brought up the OP3 any time you could just because you admittedly like the OP3 better and, seemingly, were trying to justify that opinion.

I understand some things are going to be entirely based on opinion vs fact ex: It really is that simple. This is the kind of nonsense I expect at Android Central. This is the kind of nonsense that made me stop visiting Android Central in favor of Android Police.

N6 will likely be my next device if I can get the Google one, not the Verizon-fied version. Give me a break. You are not the authority on how phone reviews are supposed to be written.

This phone clearly competes directly with the OP3 -- many people will be choosing between them, thus comparisons are entirely warranted. I explained this in the review. I totally agree with you OP3 is better phone. Note a curiosity with the network support of the Axon 7.

The US version does work on Verizon but is currently cutting out after about an hour. LTE band 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 8 , 20 , 38 , 40 , 41 - Global model. Wow, did you notice the faded check mark under 4G LTE? Or that it came with a sms app or music.

He expects everyone to use and love hangouts and google music? Also, pretty much most manufactures have a stock email client other than gmail because many people need to use email services not supported by the gmail app. No, I complained that it came with a browser, calendar, messenger, and half a dozen other apps, including a shitty Perk promo client.

This review is almost 3, words long. This review is nearly 3, words. In your OPO3 review, you said " Just please be more consistent in your reviews. You are throwing the Axon 7 under the bus while giving a free pass to other phones for I agree, Ryan made too much of the few extra apps that really you can disable or uninstall.

Some of those apps people might like anyways, who is he to discount them? Yeah, right lots of room to find ridiculous points that no one would care, just to make the Axon 7 look bad. This is not a fair review at all.

So in the case of ZTE, they added the perk promo client which lowers their costs for the Axon 7? Sorry, but I expect a phone to come with a browser, email client, music app, etc. Also that ZTE rewards app is easily uninstalled unlike other phones where you can only disable the bloat.

Granted they should have never messed with the settings or the lock screen, they "fixed" a problem that was never broken. Everything else phone dialer, messenger, browser, etc. You know sometimes I just wanna go with a no compromise Note 7 with the absolute best technologies you can find on a smartphone.

Unfortunately, Note 7 is NOT a no compromise device. How about full size pictures guys? Pretty sure all the pictures are click-able to bring up a full size photo viewer. Been this way for quite some time on AP.

Unless you mean you want every picture in the comparison article to be full size all the time, which seems unnecessary. This is what I have been waiting for, a good in depth review for the software by someone who knows android OS, all other reviews I read wrote about the software not standard but did not go in the details of why, and what is different, and what is annoying in it.

Actually, you are still waiting as this review was none of what you mentioned. It was an angry little blog post from a fanboy. Enjoy your OP3 with limited bands. Exactly, not a good in depth fair review at all.

Bleating on about him being prejudiced like a silly little girl. I have the phone almost 3 weeks and i can say that the phone is just great and overall one of the best you can find out there I just it had stock Android at least setting and quick settings oh and yes lock screen should be like stock Android rest like launcher can be changed.

Check it out on YouTube. So what happens with review units after they fill their purpose? What are the options available for the website? Can you buy them at a cheaper price, do you get to keep them? Are you obligated to return them?

I asked this of Artem in another article. He said they typically return the device to where it came from. Most people would understand that phone manufacturers usually start off making affordable inexpensive phones just to start with.

If you compare what you get for free with the Axon 7 to the loser Oneplus, that makes a big difference! Especially against the horrible customer service of Oneplus. Do you really think that ZTE would purposely put in extra apps just to piss customers off?

AP is pretty unbiased. I agree, that the passport 2. This phone versus the oneplus offer different things. And on the bloat. Sure they may not purposely add something to piss customers off. But they added them because they had some kind of deal to either lower their cost for the phone.

So i welcome it. Like you said it can be disabled. It would just be nice to not have them there to begin with. Go back and look at some of the stuff from last year with the OP2. No, you go back and look at the OP2 review.

Despite the fact that Oneplus failed another launch with the OP2, with tons of bugs on the release just like the OP3 , AP gave it glowing reviews. Never was the atrocious customer service ever brought up regarding Oneplus.

AP got their check from Oneplus, it still shows. There were 6 "Goods" in the review and 8 "Not so goods. The OnePlus 2 is a phone rife with compromises, no matter how much OnePlus wishes its often ham-handed marketing could convince everyone otherwise.

Also, did you read this? Then I found, very easily, two more articles focused negatively on the company and their OP2 phone:. A quote from line 1 of the last article I posted: Otherwise I might have gone on reading all these articles, thinking how much OP and AP are in love and how OP is obviously paying them tons of money!

Thing is, when I did it to him he acted like a complete pussy and ran to the mods to get me banned lol. What a piece of shit. Is this all you do Nickname? Keep replying to the same guy over and over again because youre an abusive troll that cant respect other peoples opinions?

Chuck abused ME for no reason whatsoever a while back. And HE is the one who abuses anybody who doesnt share his opinion. He chose the wrong person to abuse because im someone who takes great pleasure in turning the tables on dumb trolls: You obviously have mental issues Chuck The Dumb Fuck.

The first part of helping yourself is admitting you have a problem. Then you can get the help you need Chuck. Come on, it may not be too late to save yourself. ZTE is very active in the support forums in the US site anyway.

Just as a point regarding the capacitive buttons: It would be great if they brought the onscreen buttons back as an option, so the user can decide for themselves. I really noticed it when I saw all these OP3 vs Axon 7 photos.

Dang, I was really liking this device. They started with on-screen buttons. There was such a huge outcry over it in their community forums they switched to the capacitive ones at the last minute. And OEMs need to stop seeing forum feedback as majority opinion and actually get outside and perform marketing research.

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The Amazon-exclusive Alcatel A30 is an inexpensive unlocked phone with a nice display and recent Android software, but it falls short on performance and battery life. The phone measures 5. You can use the phone with one hand, but reaching up to pull the notification shade down requires some dexterity.

View All 8 Photos in Gallery. The bottom has an off-center micro USB charging port, while the top holds a 3. The back panel is removable, but the battery is sealed in. That works out to pixels per inch ppi , which is surprisingly sharp for this price range.

Viewing angles are also decent, though the screen takes on a yellowish tint when viewed from the side. It gets reasonably bright and remains visible outdoors, but the panel itself is rather reflective.

We tested on T-Mobile in midtown Manhattan, where we recorded strong network performance with a high of Other connectivity options are limited. You have Bluetooth 4. Call quality is solid. Transmissions came across clearly in testing, aside from some minor crackling.

Voices were clear and natural, and noise cancellation dampened the majority of background noise. Earpiece volume is loud, but the speaker is too tinny to be of much use for speakerphone calls. So where did Alcatel cut corners to reach such an agreeable price point?

Look no further than the dated Qualcomm Snapdragon processor under the hood. In the AnTuTu benchmark—a measure of overall system performance—the A30 scored 16,, a relatively low score even among entry-level devices.

The A30 crashed during the Jetstream and Browsermark tests, which test browser speed, and was unable to complete GFXBench, which measures graphics performance. It never locked up though, which is something that happened with the Avid Trio.

Battery life is similarly unimpressive. The A30 clocked 4 hours, 13 minutes in our rundown test, in which we set screen brightness to maximum and stream full-screen video over LTE. FM is no longer used in my country to broadcast radio - useless feature to me.

Anonymous, 08 Oct Does this phone have app drawer? Some video I watched but they say there is no app drawer. Does this phone have app drawer? One morning the device woke up n started t You were using it on Verizon or Sprint, right?

The phone needs a GSM sim card to update; there is no way around that. Was happy with my ZTE till 7 months after purchase. One morning the device woke up n started to update the OS. It automatically rebooted indefinitely.

No way to get it restarted afterwards. Both with headphones and esp. This thing is absolutely amazing. The sound from both speakers AND headphones is short of phenomenal but you DO have to use upscale phones, like mine Sehnheiser at least.

In fact it IS made by Samsung! Even the issues with low light camera performance seems to be gone. Buy it on friday my ZTE axon 7 Ag marshmallow no app drawer but after update to nougat now have Android stock!

I have had this phone now for 10 months.

The power and volume buttons are both beneath the camera lens on the back and have different textures so you can tell them apart. The back cover peels off to give you access to the removable battery, a SIM card slot, and a microSD card slot that worked with a GB card, the highest capacity currently on sale.

For the most part, colors are rich, viewing angles are good, and text and graphics are free from pixelation. The screen gets reasonably bright when kicked up to maximum, but its reflective finish makes it hard to view under direct sunlight.

Other connectivity protocols include Bluetooth 4. Call quality is solid. Transmissions are easily audible, despite a robotic edge, and noise cancellation blots out the majority of background noise.

Earpiece volume is loud enough to hear in a busy environment, but the speakerphone sounds tinny. The K10 fails to impress when you take a peek under the hood. In the AnTuTu benchmark, which tests overall system performance, the K10 scored 24, The low benchmark scores translate into sluggish performance with significant lag when launching apps and attempting to multitask.

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By Carrie Murray , Wednesday, May 24, No matter how careful you are, you could get your Samsung phone screen broken or cracked every now and then. And in many cases, the phone stops responding to any tap after the touch screen is broken.

When facing an unresponsive Samsung phone, the least you can do is to retrieve u By Carrie Murray , Tuesday, May 23, It is frustrating to deal with an Android phone with broken screen. Before getting a new phone, you may want to recover data from the screen-broken phone and make a backup.

By Emily Watson , Friday, May 19, An unknown error occurred Most of the t By Carrie Murray , Monday, May 22, Before throwing away your broken Samsung Galaxy phone, you may want to make a backup of the data on the phone.

But if the Galaxy phone is screen-broken, unresponsive, locked or black screen, you are unable to perform a backup without a professional data recovery tool. By Emily Watson , Thursday, May 18, This thread has been posted for over 3 years so far with over users clicking on "I have this question too".

To some extent, t By Carrie Murray , Wednesday, May 17, It is a disaster when your Samsung is screen-broken, bricked, frozen, or black screen. Instead of mourning for the damaged Samsung device, you are more desperate for a solution to extract important data out of the device.

And there are many data recov You may have heard about Dr. Fone when you need to recover data from Android device. Maybe you are considering about purchasing its Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android right now, or you have tried the product but need a more effective alternative because the Dr.

Fone product failed to By Carrie Murray , Tuesday, May 16, By Emily Watson , Monday, May 15, How to get around such a system iss By Emily Watson , Friday, May 12, It is simply a service that keeps all your devices in sync.

By Carrie Murray , Thursday, May 11, Yet there are many iPhone owners who are thinking about ditching iCloud for various reasons. If you are one of them, you may be looking for the best iCloud alternative for backing up your iPhon By Carrie Murray , Wednesday, May 10, After you have set up Family Sharing with your families, you can now share things with your loved ones.

With Family Sharing, you can share: By Emily Watson , Tuesday, May 09, Users can invite up to people to join in, make comments, and even add their own shots together in a shared album in which it is able to hol By Carrie Murray , Monday, May 08, Since iOS 8, Family Sharing was introduced to enable users to share purchased contents music, books, movies, TV shows, apps as well as iCloud photos, locations, calendars among a group of family members.

It is convenient and thanks to its "Ask to Buy" feature, parents By Emily Watson , Monday, May 08, By Emily Watson , Friday, May 05, Recently, I got this error notification repeatedly on my Samsung phone: It seemed that my SD card unmount and mount itself constantly.

It is very annoying. This microSD card removed unexpectedly problem has perp By Emily Watson , Thursday, May 04, I moved photos from internal storage to SD card on my Galaxy S5. When I tried to view the photos in Gallery, I got this error saying that the photos are corrupted.

When I first moved th By Emily Watson , Wednesday, May 03, For those who are running out of storage space on their smartphones, microSD card is lifesaver. Here is a complete guide to walk you through the whole process of installing, using, removing SD card on Android.

Many Android models come with microSD card slot for expandable storage. People store photos, videos, musics and even apps on SD cards. So it could be very bothersome when a SD card gets corrupted and all contents stored in the card become inaccessible.

Although there is no guarant By Emily Watson , Tuesday, May 02, For those who have Smartphones with a small amount of storage e. If this is a Android phone that supports expandable storage, for example, Samsung Galax By Emily Watson , Friday, April 28, Can I do a recovery online?

How to Transfer Photo By Lois Green , Wednesday, April 26, Besides Safari, Google Chrome is probably the most widely-used browser for Mac users. Deleting the browser itself i By Lois Green , Monday, April 24, Many people love the new music steaming service and of course, more people hate it.

One of the most-complained i By Lois Green , Tuesday, April 25, It is easy to drag and drop Skype to Trash. By Emily Watson , Thursday, April 27, However, if you want to manage photos on iCloud Photo Library, the easiest way is to do it on Deleting Dropbox from your Mac is a little more complicated than deleting regular apps.

There are dozens of threads in Dropbox forum about uninstalling Dropbox. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of free songs. It is offered in two version: Spotify is no doubt a great program, but there are still various reaso By Lois Green , Wednesday, April 19, A complete uninstall involves removing not only an app itself but also its associated files.

Deleting these application files is essential beca If you are new to Mac system, you may have doubts about how to delete apps on Mac. Here we conclude four ways to delete apps on Mac and everything you need to know to about uninstalling apps on Mac.

I am sure that it will clear all your doubts. How to Clean Junk F By Emily Watson , Thursday, April 20, However, some users still have no idea about iCloud Photo Library. One of the most effective ways to free up space on Mac OS X is to find out large files and delete them.

Follow the one that is most convenient to you. By Lois Green , Tuesday, April 18, You are running out of space. So you search on your Mac to see what is taking up your space. Then you discover this Logs folder that takes up 28 GB of your space!

Is it okay to remove all of them? How can you safely de By Lois Green , Monday, April 17, Browsers store website data such as pictures, script as caches on your Mac so that if you visit the website next time, the web page will load faster.

The files are quite large with 3. Really need to free up some space Many Mac owners have raised the same question about app caches. So this post is going to answer these two questions: By Lois Green , Friday, April 14, Caches store information that Mac system or applications need to quickly launch service.

Generally, you may not notice this part of data in your MacBook Air until you need to delete unneeded files to get more space or clear cache to fix software problems. If you have difficulty f By Emily Watson , Wednesday, April 12, It is so annoying.

Any suggestion other than a new phone shopping? Heard that a factory reset could help. But I have some photos on By Emily Watson , Thursday, April 13, Everybody wants to keep a good relationship with others. By Emily Watson , Thursday, April.

However, the operations are a bit different on different platforms By Elsie Wesley , Tuesday, April 11, Download mode, also called Odin mode, is a mode for Samsung devices to download and flash ROMs and kernels.

After entering Download mode, your Galaxy phone will say "Downloading Do not turn off target. You press and hold the power button, the Samsung phone boots up but then freezes at Samsung logo screen. Or the phone just automatically powers off and on but never gets past the startup screen.

There are many reasons why your Samsung phone gets stuck in startup screen. Then the device suddenly turned off. By Emily Watson , Monday, April 10, Why did it ever happen? How do I fix my Galaxy with black screen?

Any idea will be greatly appreciated. By Carrie Murray , Friday, April 07, Many users may have backups of their phone photos on their computers or have synced their phone contacts to Google account.

But not many of them have backups of the messages on their phones. By Carrie Murray , Thursday, April 06, Things could get worse when USB debugging is disabled in your Galaxy phone, making it impossible for you to retrieve important contacts or other data by connecting the phone to PC as an external memory.

By Carrie Murray , Wednesday, April 05, We store many irreplaceable photos in the phone. When your phone is broken and useless, the first thing that comes to your mind could be: How can I get all those pictures off the broken phone?

This post is going to introduce two solutions for you to get pictures off a broken Sams By Carrie Murray , Tuesday, April 04, Instead of upsetting about the broken phone, you probably need to focus on minimizing your losses right now.

If you are thinking about getting a new phone, find a solution of How to By Carrie Murray , Saturday, April 01, I broke screen of my Samsung S6 the other day when I accidentally dropped it on the floor. Now I just want to retrieve some photos and contacts from the S6 and get a new phone.

The problem is that I cannot enter password to unlock the phone because of the touch screen is unrespon By Carrie Murray , Friday, March 31, It is bad enough that you have cracked the screen of your Samsung.

Actually, there are two tricks that you can use to recover data fro A smartphone is just a fragile little device, no matter how the manufacturer brags about its ability to resist water and dust. Accidents happen and the phone becomes totally dead or screen-broken, making you unable to access the phone any more.

Does it mean that you have to say go By Carrie Murray , Thursday, March 30, It could be that the Samsung device: If this sounds like the situation By Emily Watson , Thursday, March 30, Sometimes it really happens that android phone screen shatters when you lose your grasp or it falls out from your pocket.

In this case, most users would possibly s By Emily Watson , Wednesday, March 29, We chat, we share, and we make memories with friends on WhatsApp. What to do then? It must have been such a troub By Elsie Wesley , Tuesday, March 28, With the Galaxy Note 7 explosion scandal, Samsung has lost a lot more than just billions of dollars last year.

It has spared no effort to fix its reputation. And the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is its first big bet to make amend. This phone will be more smart and custom-made for u By Carrie Murray , Wednesday, March 29, By Carrie Murray , Monday, March 27, This post is going to show you how to recover WhatsApp messages and media files with or without backups on Google Pixel XL.

You can easily perform WhatsApp recovery with a Google Drive or local backup. However, since your phone only contains backups for the last seven days, you m By Emily Watson , Tuesday, March 28, By Emily Watson , Friday, March 24, And sometimes, you may need to rearrange the apps, change default apps, manage app permission, etc.

If you are new to Android system or Android 7. By Emily Watson , Thursday, March 23, It is exciting to get a Samsung S8, the newest Android flagship with a bunch of cool features.

Before you are able to enjoy your new phone, you may need to transfer important data, such as phone numbers, from your old phone to the new one. Here are two easy ways to get all your ph By Elsie Wesley , Friday, March 24, Finally, you got your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8 in the palm of your hand.

However, before you start using your new device, there are many things you will need to set up. So you can get the most out of it. Below are six basic things you need to do and tips on how to complete the By Lois Green , Thursday, March 30, How to Completely Uninsta By Lois Green , Wednesday, March 22, For most of the times, Safari works perfectly on our Macs.

However, there are times when the browser just gets sluggish and takes forover to load a web page. When Safari is insanely slow, before moving any further, we should: Make sure the Mac or MacBook has an active network conn By Lois Green , Friday, April 07, Uninstalling application is like the most easy thing to do on Mac.

In fact, if you want to completely remove an application and its associated files, there are more to do than simply draging and dropping the application to the trash. Here is how to uninstall applications on Mac a By Lois Green , Tuesday, March 21, After using the laptop for a period of time, some users find that GB is clearly not enough.

The MacBook is running out of disk space and gets extremely slow. Before you spend a fortuate on getting a brand-new GB By Lois Green , Monday, March 20, One way to free up storage space in Mac is to delete junk files in hard drive.

These junk files include files in Trash, system files such as caches, temporary files. By Lois Green , Friday, March 17, Lack of storage on hard drive is the culprit of a slow Mac. By Emily Watson , Friday, Mar.

With the time goes by, it shows a less desirable performance gradually. Though Mac is run By Emily Watson , Thursday, Mar. Mac is a well-designed machine able to help you deal with things at work or in daily life.

Though its system enables to keep a fast and smooth performance, it would go slow someday. Mac is winning fans over the planet. By Lois Green , Wednesday, March 15, It just takes longer time to do almost everything.

Why does my Mac start to run slow? And how can I do to speed up the Mac? Here are the answers and t By Elsie Wesley , Tuesday, March 14, It will bring advanced dual-lens cameras. With it, you can capture tons of photos of top quality.

However, at the same time, yo By Elsie Wesley , Wednesday, March 15, To keep the Mac clean and speed up the computer, many users will use a Mac cleaner software becuase the kind of software can scan out all the stuffs that can be safely removed on the Mac for By Elsie Wesley , Monday, March 13, Google Pixel and Pixel XL are worth having for their new features, which own more native features of Google.

Thus, if you were a Google fan, I think you must purchase this new Pixel. To buy a new phone is easy but to sync the data from the old Google Nexus phone to the new Pixel By Elsie Wesley , Friday, March 10, Nevertheless, the Google Pixel can still be comparable with them.

As the creation of Google, Pixel is filled with many Google eleme These two phones are the first smartphones as part of the Google Pixel line By Carrie Murray , Wednesday, March 22, You may have heard about the word "bricked" or have thought that your phone is bricked, especially if you flash a ROM or root your Android phone from time to time.

However, not every user has a clear understanding of what a bricked phone really means, and more important By Emily Watson , Thursday, March 09, However, the real nuisance is how to transfer precious data stored on an old phone to a new phone.

Then blocking the contact is a great option. By Emily Watson , Wednesday, March 08, WhatsApp is no doubt a great chat app for messaging and video call. However, users could have questions about managing their WhatsApp accounts on Android phone.

For example, how can I create an account without mobile number or SIM card? Can I use old WhatsApp account with a new S By Emily Watson , Tuesday, March 07, Since you are reading the article, I assume that you have got the prompt: Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most widely-used chat app around the world.

To chat with more people, We often need to add new contacts in WhatsApp. It seems like a pretty simply action, but sometimes it stumped many users. For example, they may have questions about how to add an inter By Emily Watson , Monday, March 06, We will need to update or download WhatsApp at some point, for example, when we would like to get WhatsApp new features The latest version, 2.

By Emily Watson , Tuesday, Feb. As the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp ha By Emily Watson , Friday, March 03, It worked totally well yesterday though. Today, I cannot either send or receive any messages.

WhatsApp is sending but not delivering messages. By Emily Watson , Thursday, March 02, Smartphones make great changes to the way we live. And taking photos anywhere and anytime with phone camera is one of the changes.

So it troubles us a lot when camera is not working on our Android phones. The situations are complicated and can not be simply concluded as "phone making no sound". Thus, this post will cover four most common case By Emily Watson , Wednesday, March 01, Why not take a glance at the apps installed on your iPhone.

I bet you have one of them at least. As a free and popular messaging app, WhatsApp plays By Emily Watson , Tuesday, October 17, How awful would it be if the power button is not working on your Android phone?

By Emily Watson , Tunesday, Feb. The pop-up just keeps prompting now and then. How do I solve this iCloud problem on iPhone? Any idea will be much appreciated. By Emily Watson , Monday, Feb. And it is not the charger. Is the battery broken?

By Emily Watson , Friday, February 24, This tutorial is going to help with touch screen problem on Android smartphone and tablet. The problem could be: By Emily Watson , Thursday, Feb. However, i can slide up the thing at the bottom that gives you the flashlight, music, brightness and such and the thing at the top that you slide WhatsApp, as a most popular messaging app, enjoys popularity worldwide over 1.

However, before Two-Step Verification being introduced, its security was far from reliable and reassuring. Though email is becoming less popular in social activities, it does play a significant role in business. As for me, I send and receive quite a bunch of mails every day.

By Emily Watson , Wednesday, Feb. Mobile phone is now taking the leading place in handset market. Instead of an immovable telephone, a portable phone is of course much more popular. However, is it the fact?

The answer is properly "NO". Though phone becomes mobile, we are limited to its cables. By Carrie Murray , Tuesday, Feb. The error can be trigg By Carrie Murray , Monday, Feb. The error message just By Carrie Murray , Friday, February 17, By Carrie Murray , Thursday, February 01, Therefore, we list out different situations that you hear no sound from iPhone speaker.

Click the link that be By Carrie Murray , Wednesday, Feb. This article collects all common problems that may By Carrie Murray , Tuesday, Feb 14, It could be the touch screen becomes unresponsive randomly and takes seconds or even minutes to respond to any touch and tap again.

Or in some cases By Carrie Murray , Friday, Feb. But once the button can not work, it disturbs you as much as a unresponsive home button does. There is little you can do about a broken power button, so does Apple By Carrie Murray , Thursday, Feb.

We can barely use iPhone without pressing home button, especially after iOS 10 has introduced "press home to unlock" feature. Unfortunately, it happens when home button becomes unresponsive.

For some users, the iPhone home button is totally stop working. Why is my iPhone overheating? What makes my iPhone hot? To fix the overheating issue on iPhone, I will first explain the reason why your iPhone gets h By Carrie Murray , Monday, February 6, Developed by Google, Hangouts is a free messaging app for messaging, video chat, voice call, group talk.

When communicating with families, friends, co-workers, clients on Hangouts, w By Carrie Murray , Sunday, Feb. Sometimes, it is not enough to recover merely the deleted pictures. If you need to g By Carrie Murray , Saturday, Feb.

Usually, we need to transfer photos from iPhone to Android when: Even with an easy-to-use app like Snapseed, it takes lots of editing to get a perfect image:

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